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Acupuncture pour le stress

To effectively bring health and peace of mind into your daily life

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And a treatment where the whole of your being is taken into consideration

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Well-targeted treatment

By promoting the free flow of energies in the human body, acupuncture balances what is at the origin of physical and mental fragility. 

  • Soothes stress, anxiety, addictions and emotional wounds.

  • Treats fatigue and sleep disorders.

  • Optimizes cognitive performance and improves behavior problems.

  • Restores homeostasis in the hormonal and physiological flow by recreating the links between the nervous system and the various parts of the body.

Impressive results

grérir douleur musculaire acupuncture Montréal

The specificity of this therapy is to activate the self-healing potential in everyone, so that the body is an ally in the understanding and relief of the symptoms experienced. The conditions treated are varied: 

  • Alleviates skin conditions, asthma, allergies and food intolerances.

  • Relieves digestive disorders and immune imbalances.

  • Reduces muscle tension and acute and chronic pain.

  • Relieves menstrual problems and facilitates fertility, treats symptoms of pregnancy, offers support from childbirth to post-portum.

traitement douleur musculaire acupuncture montréal

Acupuncture in Montreal

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