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First visit? 

The treatment you will receive will always be adapted to your reality. No two are alike and your needs will always be taken into account. Do not hesitate to talk about your fears and ask your questions.  

Before the appointment

  • Make sure you 've eaten something recently, or at the very least, make sure you're not hungry.

  • Prepare a list of your medications , as they will be taken into account.  

  • Provide clothes in which you are comfortable .

  • Most acupuncture points are from the elbow to the hand and from the knee to the foot. As a result, it is rare to have to remove a large part of your clothing during a treatment session. Make sure that what you are wearing provides you with relaxation.

  • If you brush your teeth, don't brush your tongue . There is a coating on your tongue that it may be interesting to observe during your treatment. This helps to clarify the energy balance.

holistic treatment

During the meeting

Justin Lapointe, acupuncteur
  • On your first visit, a complete health check will be done, which will include follow-up questions from the form you have completed (follow this link if you still need to complete your form).

  • Part of the energy balance might involve taking your pulse and checking your tongue.

  • The needles are disposable and are disposed of as medical waste. There is never any reuse of needles.

  • Needles are much thinner than needles used for other medical purposes. You will probably feel them very little, if at all.

  • To relieve the pain, you may be offered other modalities, such as cupping, which can cause temporary red marks on the skin . These marks are painless and therapeutically beneficial. If for some reason you don't want these marks, don't hesitate to mention it during your treatment.

  • Remember to go to the small corner before placing the needles. It will help you relax ;-)

  • While placing needles, most people new to acupuncture are surprised by the state of deep relaxation they find themselves in.

After the meeting

  • After acupuncture, you will probably feel very relaxed and perhaps a little drowsy. However, the drowsiness passes quickly and you can continue with the normal activities you had planned for the rest of the day.

  • Although it is rare, some people with chronic pain report that their symptoms worsen temporarily for a few hours before experiencing profound relief.

  • It is sometimes recommended to schedule several acupuncture sessions close together, as the benefits have a cumulative effect. With each session, the relief of your problems should last longer. In addition, most people notice that other aspects of their health improve as well. It is common to see increased energy, better mood, better digestion, better sleep, etc.

  • Do not hesitate to contact your therapist if you have any questions in the days following your treatment. 

médecine holistique
traitement d'acupuncture a montreal


Acupuncture treatments must be more frequent during periods of acute discomfort in order to be able to manage the problem and restore harmony to the systemic flow of the body. In periods of relative health, preventive treatments, especially at changes of season, can restore a good flow of energy in order to promote health in a lasting way.  


By talking to the therapist, you will be guided towards what best suits your needs.

Role of the acupuncturist

The therapist will develop a listening capacity that allows him to grasp, among all the environmental, psychic and physical information that you share with him, which favors the emergence or recurrence of discomfort. He seeks to find what forces to solicit to indicate to the body the paths to take so that you can find a balance on all planes . Thus, the acupuncturist can be seen as a mediator between the parts of yourself that are suffering and those that are able to heal them. Through the needles, it sends an impulse to the body to direct its energy towards the areas to be treated .

médecine douce


montreal acuponcture

Acupuncture treatments aim to balance the free flow of energies in the human body. In doing so, they activate the natural self-healing potential of the system.  


The installation of the needles on different points of the body is smooth and painless. Once they are in place, you rest in the room for about 30 to 40 minutes. Everything is done to make you feel comfortable; the calm environment as well as the treatment promote deep relaxation .

During the rest period, you may feel some needles more strongly than others, and this is normal. Remember that treatment involves a generous flow of energy and that sometimes, in order to tone and balance, the energy needs to be encouraged to "move forward" rather than to remain stagnant.

suction cups

Cupping is most often used for muscle pain or stiffness. They can also be used for everything related to digestive disorders or allergies. The suction cups are made of glass or plastic. When applied to the skin, they produce suction and are held in place for a few minutes at a time. The aim of this technique is to relax the muscles and produce a lasting systemic effect.

acupunctur treatment
dry needling


traitement acupuncture

Gua-sha is a traditional Chinese medicine technique that involves stimulating the surface of the skin using a round-edged instrument.  


This technique locally eliminates what traditional Chinese medicine calls  “blood stagnation,” which is believed to prevent healthy circulation of body fluids in the tissues. Quick relief from pain, stiffness, fever / chills, cough, nausea, etc. is generally found.


Scraping of the skin causes micro-lesions of the subcutaneous blood vessels causing reddish or purple traces to appear on the skin for 3 to 5 days after treatment. The appearance of these traces is a desirable confirmation of the effectiveness of the treatment.

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