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Dalia Ramirez Coté

Hello and welcome! My name is Dalia and I am an acupuncturist dedicated to promoting better overall health through traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).




A Holistic and Personalized Approach to Acupuncture

My practice is distinguished by my gentleness and thoroughness, and is deeply inspired by the holistic vision of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which aims to restore the body's natural harmony by addressing physical, emotional, and energetic imbalances. For me, acupuncture is more than just a treatment: it is a way to cultivate lasting inner balance and promote personal growth. It is a privilege for me to accompany my patients on their journey to better health by offering a personalized approach. My goal is to help them return to a state of harmony conducive to a fulfilling and energetic life. Each acupuncture session represents an opportunity for me to contribute to the well-being of my patients, while continuing to grow and evolve through this medicine.

Building a Trusting Relationship for Lasting Well-being

At the heart of my practice is the deep-seated belief that a trusting relationship between patient and therapist is essential. I strive every day to create a space where my patients feel heard, received, and accepted. By collaborating with them to understand their concerns and health goals, we build a solid partnership based on mutual respect. This approach encourages a confident exploration of the benefits of acupuncture, going beyond mere symptom relief to promote lasting change towards overall well-being and improved quality of life.

A Rich Academic Journey: From Acupuncture to Buddhist Studies

I completed my studies in acupuncture at Collège Rosemont and also hold a specialized bachelor's degree in religious studies focused on Buddhism. During this journey, I became deeply interested in the historical transmission of Buddhism from India to Tibet, the philosophical debates of various Tibetan schools, and the tantric poetic tradition. These studies not only allowed me to embark on wonderful journeys but also helped me develop a spirit of contemplation and openness filled with curiosity and compassion.

Integrating Energy Medicine

I deeply believe in the body's ability to self-regulate, and by learning to listen to the signals it sends, patients become active partners in their own healing. My role is to guide and support them throughout this process using the tools of Chinese medicine. This includes, in addition to needles, moxa, cupping, and more. Together, we work to create a lasting balance that allows them to live fully and with vitality.

Philosophy and Care

My care philosophy is based on the belief that each individual has an innate ability to heal themselves. My role is to facilitate this natural process through a caring and meticulous approach, adjusting my methods and techniques to best meet the challenges and needs of my patients.

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